Why You Need NCCCO Certification

12.03.18 01:34 PM By JenniferOliver595Ut


NCCSO certification acted as an added advantage to crane workers, but due to the emerging trends, it's going to be a compulsory requirement for crane operators'. This was implemented on November 8th, 2010, where new requirements were made for crane operators, leasing companies and building and construction companies. According to the law, Crane operators must be certified by a well-known crane testing body such as the NCCCO or a well-audited employer firm. Many organizations hiring these crane operators have been affected by these which include construction companies, leasing companies which provide employment opportunities to many workers. This certification also impacts government run programs which meet law requirements and crane operators run by the United States military.


A company requires NCCCO certification to improve safety. Safety was one of the factors which pressurized the implementation of the NCCCO rule. The number of deaths related to the use of cranes during building was one of the reasons why this rule was amended. This rule was put in place to ensure the safety of public assets, protect employees from death and injuries in the line of duty which was rampant before the rule was not in existence. The major cause of death during construction or use of cranes is overturning, rupture of buildings, crushing during assembling or disassembling among others. Check out this NCCCO Training or become a Crane Inspector now.


NCCCO certification also ensures compliance with the rules and regulations pertaining crane operations. The body is involved in the testing and certification of companies which only qualify to operate cranes. Once a construction company is certified it's required to comply with the regulations in the contract this strictly, therefore, ensures no one deviates the rule and safety are also assured.


NCCCO certification ensures that the crane operators are qualified. This NCCCO certification includes training of crane operators, and therefore one acquires relevant skills suited to his or her job. This, therefore, ensures that the staff involved in loading and operating cranes is highly qualified rather than depending on trained staff.

NCCCO certification also aids in the inspection of cranes hence limiting potential risk to the operator, employer or public property at the construction site. Operating cranes seems to involve a lot of risks which when given to non-certified individuals seem to post a lot of risks too many stakeholders. Many industries in the past used to experience many of these problems. Before a crane operates, there should be proper checkup and service of cranes to make sure the crane does not cause harm to the staff and people around the construction site. Crane operators should, therefore, be trained on effective methods to overcome interferences during construction. You can read more stories on crane operators here: